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Our home is the place where we should regain a deep sense of relaxation and vitality; a fundamental place where we should be able to regain energy, especially during sleep.


Since its inception, SOLS has dedicated its work and research to finding practical solutions within our homes to enable people to regenerate faster through magma13 regenerative space.


Today, the process of transforming an entire home or specific areas like bedrooms has become effortlessly achievable with the guidance and expertise of highly skilled professionals. These experts can assist clients in designing their unique ‘Regenerative Space’ tailored to their individual requirements, ensuring a profound and impactful experience in the home.


  • Sleep place regeneration (resting place/bed)

  • Space regeneration

  • Water regeneration

  • Air regeneration 

  • Electromagnetic regeneration and abatement of environmental stressors

magma13 is a revolution to support the development of regenerative spaces designed to create a place of vitality and coherence in the modern world. Comfort and calm are essential to live and sleep in.  


magma13 assists in creating a tangible regenerative effect which enlivens home environments. With the help of magma13, homes become more peaceful, nurturing and regenerating.



Create a conducive and energetically coherent workspace that fosters better focus, reduced stress, and improved overall well-being and productivity.


Our solutions are designed with eco-sustainability in mind, promoting a green work and living space while optimizing energy efficiency.


Backed by meticulous research, our products are at the forefront of environmental and energy science, ensuring a reliable and effective solution.


Commercial projects

SOLS creates beautiful and intelligent technology for space regeneration with tangible scientifically documented effects. Research is leading to innovative and practical solutions, which support and complement our modern work and commercial experiences, with a primary focus on the optimization of the well-being of people in their environment. SOLS is pioneering regenerative spaces for work, health and beauty care, commerce, wellness and fitness.



Our modern work environments are becoming more and more ‘efficient’, and while on the surface this is great, these environments are being designed to be more efficient from a mechanical sense, stripped of any connection to the living-energy of a natural experience. magma13 technology, helps to make a more coherent environment in the presence of these environmental stressors, helping to deliver a more creative, enlivening and human-centered environment where employees and teams can be more comfortable and express their very best for the company.


Health care environments require a nurturing effect which most supports the well-being of patients, as well as the doctors, nurses and staff who work there. magma13 promotes the most natural environment to support the recovering process through its regenerative and adaptogenic effects. With a more relaxed and calming environment, the body’s natural recuperative systems are able to work most efficiently regardless of the therapy it is receiving. This allows for the best health related outcomes to happen, as well greater satisfaction with the treatment and care providers.



Discerning hotel and restaurant guests demand the very best. There are many ways magma13 can enhance a guest’s experience including optimized sleep experience, more natural ambient settings, beautiful and energizing art, clean sanitized air and enhanced food, wine and water. Hotels and restaurants which feature magma13 indicate an attention to the environment, which contributes greatly to the satisfaction of clients and guests.


People today are looking for unique spa experiences which transcend beyond the services they receive. Enhanced natural ambient energy and regenerative space within the spa creates the optimal wellness experience, where clients can fully relax, regenerate and recharge. With this guests are treated to an experience of a ‘natural state of being’ in the Spa. With magma13 in the environment, or in the more premier Regeneration Room experience, clients are able sense a place of vitality and coherence in the modern world. 


Many companies, clinics, restaurants and spas in Switzerland and around the world are already benefiting from SOLS regenerative spaces with magma13. Our services are able to support offering your staff and clients a truly unique experience of well-being, regeneration and productivity, proving that today it is possible to design and implement living spaces in the highest expression of technology, efficiency, nature and human well-being.

Industrial projects  ·

Industrial projects

SOLS is continually developing new partnerships for the implementation of magma13 regenerative technology into leading brand products, as well as industrial processes. SOLS offers expert consultation on the integration of magma13 tech into your own environments, materials, or technologies. 


These services are designed to cater to diverse industries and sectors, providing tailored solutions that align with your objectives and requirements. Whether you are a food or beverage company looking to create an energetic optimization of your production line, or a materials producer aiming to create a regenerative effect in the material, or an architect seeking to design a pure regenerative space, our team of regenerative space professionals are here to assist you every step of the way, including design of custom applications to fit your industrial needs.


To learn more about custom applications to integrate within your industrial project, contact us directly with the contact form below. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Industrial projects  ·
Industrial projects  ·
Industrial projects  ·

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