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magma13 – Swiss Regenerative Technology

magma13 technology is an innovative, non-invasive technology able to afford unprecedented wellbeing responses, to boost human, animal and plant regenerative and rejuvenation potential. Developed and engineered over the past two decades in Switzerland by SOLS, the technology demonstrates unparalleled physical and biophysical regenerative properties and has been researched to promote longevity, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory factors, as well as enhanced cellular and epigenetic spontaneous regeneration.


"In light of all these years of research and collection of experimental data at national laboratory of molecular biology INBB, we have extensively observed and confirmed various in vitro effects of all magma13 technologies in populations of human somatic and stem cells, including control comparisons. Even a minimally traceable amount of magma13 technology has been capable of modulating essential dynamics in stem cell biology, including those responsible for anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing responses". 

Prof. Carlo Ventura

Professor of Molecular Biology

School of Medicine, University of Bologna, Italy.

Chief of: Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Stem Cell Engineering (INBB), Bologna, Italy

Editor-in-Chief of World Journal of Stem Cells (2022-2023 IF 5.326, Journal Citation Reports).

Excerpt From October 2023/research Report.

The essential characteristics of magma13 are:

Essential Characteristics magma13 The Quality of Life Company


The regeneration of our physical, mental and inner states through regeneration and enhancement of our living spaces and places is emerging as an innovative and scientifically prospective aspect to support our well-being. Regenerative space is an environment that promotes cellular and environmental rejuvenation to support well-being.

All studies have demonstrated a marked regenerative effect induced by magma13 technology including cellular homeostasis and equilibrium. 


This unique characteristic of magma13 technology helps humans, animals and plants to naturally enhance physiological processes. It promotes more efficient organization and responsiveness to external stimuli, and expands the capacity to handle physical, mental, chemical and biological stress agents. This allows better resistance to stress, and increased wellness benefits.

magma13 technology supports the orchestration of those "adaptogen" signals that are responsible for optimizing cellular homeostasis and vitality. Cellular homeostasis is that function of the body that maintains all biological parameters and organ functions in balance to keep the body's internal environment stable even as conditions in the external environment change. 


Our cells are constantly receiving all kinds of signals and stimuli from our environment; However, this cascade of information is often "epigenetically" loaded with congestion and intoxication of various kinds. Based on the type and quality of these signals, our body responds and organizes its gene expression. Through the intelligent use of magma13 technology, a greater expression of favorable natural environmental modulation and resonance is observed in a tangible and replicable way, promoting a more natural biorhythm in the environment. Through this environmental change, it not only changes what is absorbed from the environment, but also how the body organizes and expresses itself within the environment. 


The research demonstrates that magma13 technology acts very positively on increasing cellular resistance to environmental stressors, promoting anti-aging factors, in addition to decreasing cell senescence and inflammatory effects. magma13 is capable of down-regulating (reducing the amount of) certain unfavorable gene expressions related to the manifestation of specific cellular patterns and factors related to aging, inflammation and degeneration of bodily tissues.

The applications of magma13 help neutralize specific destructive stressors within the environment. The technology increases the capacity to cope with harmful environmental radiations, as well as counter them and helps protect people in their space.

In recent years, science has identified a whole range of environmental and what scientists call epigenetic aspects underlying gene expression. Unlike genetic changes. epigenetic changes are reversible, which means that any application of magma13 has a profound impact on our well-being. 


SOLS helps to return a coherent state of being to your environment. With magma13 technology, you have access to amplify and harness useful natural ambient energy resources for humans, which are always present in our environments,

A key feature of regenerative space is an enhanced expression of natural ambient energy and coherency, which promotes a more natural biorhythm in the environment. Through this environmental change, you change not only what you absorb from the environment, but also how your body organizes and expresses itself within the environment. This includes benefits relating to stress, inflammation, aging and immune function supporting your natural longevity.


Various studies have indicated that stress unfortunately comprises several real or perceived elements, and it is associated with many health issues, including but not limited to the risk of heart disease, obesity, depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction with life, gastrointestinal problems, accelerated aging and numerous inflammatory diseases.

We spend more than 90% of our life indoor, confined into modern environments. We design this environments to optimize efficiency, but often at a sacrifice to a natural rhythm and the elements which our bodies need to thrive.

magma13 technology simulates and amplifies a natural energy field most similar to those you find in nature. Its regenerative properties restore a natural energy exchange of essential resources and bio-rhythm within the environment. Owing to a natural fluctuation of the magma13 properties, a self-sustaining energy is created, to ensure self-cleansing properties. 




magma13 is carefully engineered technology with the ability to implement a physical and biophysical regenerative effect within modern construction and architecture. The effect generated by the magma13 technology and implemented materials, creates a natural energetic resonance that increases environmental well-being. 


The application of the technology also helps to neutralize specific destructive environmental stressors, such as electromagnetic, geopathic and other harmful environmental radiations. Due to the natural expansion and contraction of the magma13 technology, a self-sustaining energetic effect is created, which micro-adapts with the environment to ensure its continued beneficial properties, as well as long performance and durability. Ultimately, magma13 helps to decrease environmental pollutants, enhance ambient wellness and reinvent energy efficiency.

Applications Architecture Natural energy efficiency
Application Home Vital place



magma13 is a revolution in natural ambient energy designed to create a place of vitality and coherence in the modern world. Comfort and calm are essential to live and sleep in. With the help of magma13 technology, homes become more nurturing and regenerating. magma13 exhibits a regenerative effect just as the rhythm of nature around us is restored and alive.




Our modern work environments are becoming more and more ‘efficient’, and while on the surface this is great, these environments are being designed to be more efficient from a mechanical sense, stripped of any connection to the living-energy of nature. Added to this is the increase in automation and electronics, which has significantly increased exposure to artificial electromagnetic radiations, which is being shown to have significant potential effects and long-term consequences on human physiology. Essentially, we work in perfectly efficient environments suited more for robots than humans. SOLS magma13 helps to make a more coherent environment in the presence of these environmental stressors, helping to deliver a more creative, enlivening and human-centered environment where employees and teams can be more comfortable and then productive.

Application Health Care Natural Regenerative Ambience



Health care environments require a nurturing effect which most supports the well-being of patients, as well as the doctors, nurses and staff who work there. magma13 technology promotes the most natural environment to support the healing process through its regenerative and adaptogenic effects. With a more relaxed and calming environment, the body’s natural recuperative systems are able to work most efficiently regardless of the therapy it is receiving. This allows for the best health related outcomes to happen, as well greater satisfaction with the treatment and care providers.

Health Care



Sleep is essential for our well-being and vitality. Your sleep place needs to be a space that nurtures and energizes you while your body rests at night. Falling and staying asleep is key for a restful night, and magma13 helps to create a natural setting in and around your sleep environment to allow maximum rest and optimal sleep quality. The natural ambient adaptogenic effect generated from the magma13 technology, creates a relaxing, soothing and regenerative environment as if you were out in nature.

Application Sleep Restful Enlivening Nights
Application Air Fresh and Vibrant



Everyone has walked into a room where the air and environment feel dead. Every space should have air which is fresh, vibrant, clean and alive. magma13 creates a natural energizing effect in the air, just like you would experience while standing out in nature. magma13, through specially designed modules placed in air ionizers and purifiers, increases the natural ambient energy emitted by the unit, thereby contributing to the natural experience produced by the technology. magma13 when applied in air technologies, creates an essential and reproducible environmental effect which flows in a coherent harmonious state.




Water is essential to life, it makes up over 60 percent of our body weight, and we must drink water to stay alive. But what type of water are you putting into your body? magma13 energizes water, seen through microscopic crystalline structure, to become more coherent and supportive for living organisms. magma13 water hydrates, detoxifies, energizes and enlivens.

Application Water energized, crystalline, coherent
Application Beauty Light from Within



It is true that beauty is more than skin deep, it resonates from all the cells of our body. magma13 technology allows a natural expression of inner and outer beauty potential. Whether placed within the environment, or used to enhance the effectiveness of beauty products for skin and hair, magma13 helps to allow a profound beauty to shine from within.




When exposed to magma13 technology, you will begin to experience a deep sense of relaxation, as you are able to better connect with your body, mind and spirit. The experience spurs the innate regenerative capacity of your body, as your stress drops away, and you are able to connect with yourself in a field of enhanced natural ambient energy. We naturally crave a deeper connection to nature, as this is a place where we feel a sense of relaxation, peace and stability. SOLS magma13 helps us be in this more relaxed, yet energizing experience.

Application Stress You reconnected
Application Longevity and Regeneration Timeless Wellbeing



Nature has an amazing capacity to restore and revive, and magma13 brings this to you anywhere and all the time. Natural ambient energy is an intrinsic phenomenon observable in life and nature. There is compelling evidence that all living human structures – cells, tissues, organs – communicate with the environment around them. These mechanical-acoustic and electromagnetic vibrations through diffusion, resonance and adaptive mechanisms, are likely responsible for the orchestration of many biological reactions, including regenerative physiological processes. magma13 helps you regenerate naturally, thereby allowing the possibility of adding years to your life, and life to your years.




People are realizing the importance of natural ambient energy and how it affects quality and matter. For years, we have harnessed the sun by means of solar panels, and wind by means of turbines, to create energy. These natural forms of energy help fuel many things in our lives. magma13 behaves as an efficient and sustainable active principle of useful natural ambient energy resources which can be applied to many materials and technologies, allowing greater function, application, durability and performance.

Application Material and Technology Function and Performance
Application Sports Enhanced Training Recovery



Optimal athletic performance requires maximizing development, as well as enhancing recovery from physical fatigue and stress. magma13 has the ability to create a more natural environment for athletes to practice and train, as well as rest and recover in. Whether a professional or just a recreational athlete, the magma13 applications allow your performance and recovery to be at their best. Athletes who experience magma13 have reported increased speed of physical recovery, greater mental clarity and alertness, boosted awareness and focus, as well as a general enhancement of physical and athletic performance.




Discerning hotel and restaurant guests demand the very best. There are many ways magma13 can enhance a guest’s experience including optimized sleep experience, more natural ambient settings, beautiful and energizing art, clean sanitized air and enhanced food, wine and water. Hotels and restaurants which feature magma13 indicate an attention to the environment, which contributes greatly to the satisfaction of clients
and guests.

Application Hotels and Restaurants taste and elegance amplified
Application Sustainable and beyond


This biocompatibility must also be sustainable. Removing or mitigating artificial radiation and pollution in an environment, brings the space to a neutral level. It is ‘empty’. To be sustainable, a strong and ample source of natural ambient energy is necessary. Spaces should feel expansive, and this comes from the combination of elimination of artificial ambient radiation and increase of natural ambient energy. At this level, spaces are naturally vibrant and enlivening. Your space becomes a regenerative space. This is a place where you not only go to recharge, but where the space charges you. 

magma13 by SOLS_black_final.jpg

Amplify wellbeing and longevity

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