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magma13 by SOLS

SOLS creates unique and beautiful technology to energize and regenerate space.  


When we look at nature, space effortlessly intertwines with its occupants and continually flows and regenerates. In a forest, we can observe the multitude of interactions and the fundamental process with its regenerative effect at work within space. This space we call an ecosystem where nature flows spontaneously and is filled with essential energy. Cells and organisms are constantly exchanging information and resources with the space around. This energetic exchange mechanism is at the basis of life. When we lose this connection, we lose energy and vitality.


SOLS is grounded in science and inspired by nature. After more than two decades of research and development in Switzerland, SOLS unleashes a new paradigm in the Art and Science of regeneration, wellBEing and innate longevity. 


We blend Swiss made precision, Italian creativity and a touch of timeless inspiration. Through our products and solutions, we aim to create a sublime experience featuring a perfect synthesis of function and beauty.

Nature Philosophy The Quality of Life Company
Philosophy Woman in nature The Quality of Life Company
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Amplify wellbeing and longevity

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