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magma13 Technology to date, has been successfully implemented in various projects.


Private customers, companies, clinics, restaurants and SPA’s in Switzerland and around the world are already benefiting from SOLS regenerative spaces created by applying magma13 Technology. Our services include on-site measurements to support the needs of all our clients, creating a truly unique experience of well-being, regeneration and productivity proving that by applying our magma13 Technology it is possible to design and realize living spaces in the highest expression of technology, efficiency, nature and human well-being.

SOLS creates beautiful and intelligent technology for space regeneration with tangible scientifically documented effects. Research is leading to innovative and practical solutions, which support and complement our modern work and live experiences, with a primary focus on the optimization of the well-being of people, animals and plants in their environment. 



Create a conducive and energetically coherent workspace that fosters better focus, reduced stress, and improved overall well-being and productivity.


Our solutions are designed with eco-sustainability in mind, promoting a green work and living space while optimizing energy efficiency.


Backed by meticulous research, our products are at the forefront of environmental and energy science, ensuring a reliable and effective solution.

SOLS is continually developing new partnerships for the implementation of magma13TM regenerative technology into leading brand products, as well as industrial processes. SOLS offers expert consultation on the integration of magma13 tech private homes, environments, materials or technologies. 


These services are designed to deliver purpose designed solutions to various industries and sectors, that fully aligned with our clients ‘s objectives and requirements. Whether you are a food or beverage company looking to create an energetic optimization of your production line, product storage and display, or a materials producer aiming to create a regenerative effect in the material, or an architect seeking to design a pure regenerative space, our professional team is here to assist you every step of the way, including design of custom applications to fit your needs.

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