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Our challenges in modern life

In today's world, stress, fatigue and burnout are becoming increasingly common due to factors such as work, social media, and the always on-demand 24/7 culture. While our bodies and brains have remained structurally consistent for more than 50,000 years, our exposure to environmental stimuli and information in this century has increased by a factor of thousands. This has an economic impact, but more importantly it also affects millions of people globally at a human level. Many individuals have lost touch with themselves and yearn for a reconnection - an opportunity to reset, recharge and regenerate. · Challenges in modern life
Architecture · Challenges in modern life

Various studies have indicated that stress comprises several real or perceived elements, and it is associated with many health issues, including but not limited to the risk of heart disease, obesity, depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction with life, gastrointestinal problems, accelerated aging, and numerous inflammatory diseases. Burnout, in addition to the potential health problems, leaves people feeling perpetually drained, unsatisfied and ineffective.


This problem is not helped by the modern environments we find ourselves in – home, work, car, school and gym – where we spend more than 90% of our time. We design these environments to optimize efficiency, but often at a sacrifice to a natural rhythm and the elements which our bodies need to thrive. Technology generally improves our lives, yet yearns for human centeredness that also nurtures and connects us. · Challenges in modern life
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This all has a significant impact on our overall health and can also accelerate the aging process. The repeated exposure to these stresses and environments, day and night, can cause cellular damage, weaken the immune system and increase inflammation in the body. While we are able to extend lifespan by many years, we are losing a certain quality of life which we as humans deserve. 

While the modern lifestyle has these perils, it also presents an opportunity for a greater enhancement and regeneration of our living spaces and environments as an emerging, innovative and scientifically promising means of supporting our well-being and longevity. As everything moves faster and faster around us in modern society, we need solutions that are real, immediately accessible and positively impact our modern lifestyle to relocate our human centered essential need for energy and happiness. · Challenges in modern life
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Amplify wellbeing and longevity

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